Chickens make lousy house pets, goes an old Saturday Night Live skit.

And also true: six million chickens in Parker would make a lot of lousy chicken poo - about 1.5 million pounds per day.

That's an estimate of daily chicken poo production based on an Ohio State University study that says a chicken produces about 4 ounces or a quarter pound of excrement a day.

Your mileage may vary depending upon what the chicken eats, whether it is producing eggs and its health.

Pete Sonstegard, who was on Viewpoint University last week about the proposed Sonstegard Foods egg plant near Parker, says he wouldn't mind living across the road from the facility. In fact, he said, many of his managers at plants live near them. Plus,the poo--as well as the whole process--will be indoors.

Still, 1.5 million pounds of chicken poo per day? That's a lot of poo. Where does it all go? Sure, you can put some of it on farm ground and cart some of it away, but that's 750 tons of chicken poo every single day.

I wonder how that much chicken ca-ca gets turned into the economic and ecological version of chicken salad each and every day?