There has been a sighting of a strange creature in Western South Dakota.  Chris Boreman took this photo while hiking in Custer County, South Dakota.

Boreman said that at first glance he thought this close encounter was just another Antelope grazing in the tall grass. Then when he got a better look at the animal he noticed it was more Mountain Lion than Antelope.

Boreman said: “I was absolutely floored! At first I saw the horns and snout, then I saw the cat tail and them big paws. I didn't know if I should scream, run, or just stand there?”

According to wildlife specialists the “Cougarlope” is a ecological anomaly. Last season 4,351 mountain lion licenses were purchased in South Dakota.  The photo is the first bona fide picture taken of this apparent cross between a South Dakota Antelope and a West River Mountain Lion.

SDGF&P agent Bud Hanson says: “I'm not sure who the aggressor was in this matchup, but it must have been one heck of a date night!"

Hanson also advises: "Don't get too close to 'em!  We got no idea what they eat or what kinda appetite they might have.”