When the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center opens, the City of Sioux Falls wants local acts to perform to christen the facility. 

In a release from the City, the casting call is for musicians, comedians, actors and more. The promise is that if an entry is offered it will be considered. Beyond that if any act is chosen, apparently the privilege of playing at the Open House is payment enough.

Disagreement with the City’s plan abounded on Viewpoint University’s Outrage Day. Chancellor Rick Knobe put it plainly. “Any musician that performs at that, should get paid a hundred bucks.”

Student Steve chimed in as well. “They (the City) have put so much time and money into this and now they’ve got the audacity to say, ‘Come and let’s have a huge celebration, but you’re going to do it based on the exposure that’s going to be so valuable.’” Steve hoped that no one would take advantage of the exposure.

Student Don had a different take noting that the event is free to the public. “Let’s say a good 40 percent of people that live in Sioux Falls will ever get to see an event in there.” Don also thinks there is more value in the prestige. “There’s going to be a lot of people to say, ‘I was the first band to play in that arena, man.’ There will be people lined up to perform, I guarantee you.”

Don was in the minority as the “play for pay” group held sway in the discussion on VPU.