Did you eat too much over the Thanksgiving holiday?  Would you like to work off all of that turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie but you don't have enough time to make it to the gym? Well fear not. Soon you might be able to work and workout at the same time!

Some companies have actually been experimenting with treadmill desks for their employees. Salo, a Minnesota financial consulting company, tried it with some of its workers as part of a Mayo Clinic study, and found that over six months, the company had record earnings, as well as seeing health benefits.

The company's Director of Operations lost 25 pounds, but some employees have found the new treadmill desks a bit harder to transition to saying it's too hard to walk, talk, and concentrate all at the same time.

Even for the people who do like the new approach, doctors warn that the treadmill should not be an all-day, every day thing.  In fact, they recommend a half-hour on, half an hour off, for two to three hours a day.