There has been a lot of squawking about whether sequestration will happen.  Dastardly federal government budget cuts that will be the end of the world as we know it according to some.  Threats of rancid meat, national park closings and air traffic control fiascos coming soon.

It is really?  Try this series of video montages to see if you can make sense of anything. At the top is one reporter getting two different answers from two different White House staffers two days apart.  Below is President Barack Obama in his own words saying what he will and will not do.  Unbelievable.  It really is.  First comes a message during a press conference in November 2011 saying these cuts will come.


Then we have the President talking on Tuesday flanked by some of the people who would be greatly affected by sequestration.  See how far you get into it before you find  inconsistency.  Took me less than a minute.



Please can we get past the "That was over a year ago, things have changed," argument?  Either the idea was bad from the start or the whole charade is a tool to fit your agenda.  Whatever that aim is today beyond reaching the green in two.