Growing up on a farm, just outside of Chester, this was the time of the year when everyone would go into town for the annual "Pre-Thanksgiving Poultry Party."

I couldn't tell you who actually sponsored it - could've been the American Legion, could've been the volunteer fire department.  All I know is it was held at the Legion Hall and it was usually on a Saturday night.

The object of the night was to see how many frozen turkeys and hams you could take home.  The best part for us kids though was, while the adults were inside playing cards and bingo, we got to run around the dark.

When it was time to go home, that's when Dad would holler out for me to come inside and help him haul his winnings to the car.  There were those years, however, where Dad walked away empty handed.

The cool thing about growing up in a small, close-knit community though was no one ever did go home empty handed.  There always seemed to be someone who had a really good night and would share his or her winnings with those less lucky.

I'm willing to bet there was never ever a family that didn't have either a turkey or a ham on their Thanksgiving day table

What great memories - neighbors helping neighbors.