Just announced: The District is bringing Whiskey Meyers to Sioux Falls for an early Christmas gift in December.

I remember my first real exposure to Texas Country and Red Dirt music. I was out for a walk with Molly the Black Lab. For some reason I thought I would tune in my Radio Pup Ap to Radio Texas Live.

One of the first artists that came on in my ear buds was Whiskey Meyers. The song, "Bar, Guitar and a Honky-Tonk Crowd" was one of the first songs. Another song "Ballad of a Southern Man" had me hooked.

Whiskey Meyers has a sound and feel like no other. On their website they describe their music as:

What the music sounds like is raw, visceral emotion: pride, faith, desire, defiance. The songs on 'Mud' are stories of ordinary men and women standing up for their families and honoring their roots. Home is sacred ground for Whiskey Myers, not just a plot of land, but rather the cornerstone of an identity worth dying for.

I can't wait. Whiseky Meyers will play The District in Sioux Falls Saturday, December 16, 2017. Tickets for the show are on sale now!

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