I noticed a post on our Kickin' Country Facebook page a bit too late. Otherwise, I might have joined in the conversation a little earlier.

The headline blared: "What's Wrong With This Photo?"

I'll admit the headline was a bit alarming. The story was a bit slanted in the opposite direction I lean. It was definitely not written with a rural slant. Still, it got me thinking.

I grew up in West River, South Dakota. I am familiar with dogs in the beds of pickups. I have friends who don't go anywhere without Fido. I can name three dogs who spent many a Saturday night at the bar and Sunday morning outside of church in the back of a farm pickup. I get that part of it.

I have also seen a dog tied in the back of a pickup in Sioux Falls jump out to get to another dog and was dragged for several blocks before the driver figured out what was going on.

I know that as I write this there are dogs riding around in vehicles sitting on someone's lap, hanging their head out the window and they and their owner are the happiest two in the state right now. I'll make you a deal: as long as you pay attention to your driving, it ain't hurting me.

I'm all for "ride your Harley without a helmet if you like." Hell, you can have Sparky jump up for a ride on the top of your car for all I care. You know your capabilities and your pets acrobatic ability.  Knock yourself out.

But, I also see why the buzzer blares with a lot of other people. As I see it there was only one thing wrong with the picture. Sort of wrong anyway.

Bottomline talk here. The voice of reasons tells me that dog should not have been riding in a pickup. He should have been in a horse trailer!

And in defense of his owner, probably wouldn't have fit up front. That, ladies and gentlemen is one BIG Dog.

It also got me thinking about an old James Bonamy song.

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