There are so many reasons I'm glad to be a guy.  But I'm especially happy when it comes to not having to be up-to-date on all of the rules involving make-up.  How much of this, how little of that. What season is this a must, what season do you not want to be caught dead in something.

If all that's not bad enough, did you know there's apparently an 'age limit' to who should wear what makeup?  New survey results from UK beauty product company, Nuture Replenish Skincare, suggest that women think they should stop wearing red lipstick at age 59.

But it doesn't stop at just make-up.  The survey also said women should stop wearing high heels, tight clothes, and fake nails at age 59. Eighty-percent of women surveyed said they felt they needed to abandon "younger" styles as they grew older.

59? Not 55 or 60?  I don't know what exactly happens to a woman the minute she turns 59, but boy am I glad it's not me!