So, what's your favorite color?  More of us pick blue than any other color.  That from the book Are You Normal.  Next comes red, followed by green, white, pink, purple, orange and yellow.  The richest Americans tend to name forest green and burgundy as their favorite colors.


Researchers have also determined that the color of car you drive reveals your personality:

  • Black - You have an aggressive personality; an outsider or a rebel.  Of all car colors, this is the most likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Silver - You're cool, calm and slightly aloof.
  • Green - You have hysterical tendencies.
  • Yellow - You're idealistic and novelty loving.
  • Blue - You're introspective, reflective and cautious.
  • Gray - You have a calm personality and are dedicated to work.
  • Red - You're full of zest, energy and drive.  You also think, move and talk quickly.
  • Pink - You're gentle, loving and affectionate.  (And also likely sell Mary Kay Cosmetics...I just threw that in)
  • White - You're a status seeking extrovert.
  • Cream - You're self contained and controlled.  This color car is least likely to be involved in an accident.


The people at Kelley Blue Book say color matters when it comes to selling your car.  They have found it's easier to resell a white, black or silver vehicle than any other.  They warn that bright colors may look attractive and trendy, but may not appeal to consumers looking to buy a car years down the road.


And, something I have argued for years - birds really do prefer "bombing" white cars.  That according to scientific research done at Bristol University.  Researchers concluded that birds were less likely to dirty navy blue and black colored cars.  One explanation as to why birds prefer white cars is they may associate the color with predators.


And, have you ever wondered why most notepads are yellow?  A recent study indicates that people make fewer errors when they solve problems on yellow paper.  The color yellow has been shown to help the brain focus.


If you have blue eyes, you're very likely related to every other blue-eyed person.  That's the word from researchers at Copenhagen University in Denmark, who conclude that everyone with blue eyes descends from a single "founder," whose genes mutated thousands of years ago.  Until then, everyone had brown eyes.


Here's something you can use to wow your friends and neighbors - the universe's average color is "pale beige," even though it looks black to most people.  Scientists say it actually started out as a pale turquoise, but is now a pale beige.


Finally, I'll leave you with this to ponder - when you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn?