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Drought causes all kinds of problems, in and outside of farm country. In most cases, the effects are really serious. But not in all cases. In fact, I came across one situation where it's hard to read about it with a straight face.

I'm guessing if I were in or from southern Wisconsin, I'd find this more serious than I do now. According to the Associated Press story, they're short of - (Wait for it!) - Cow chips.

Associated Press

SAUK CITY, Wis. (AP) - The drought is causing an unusual problem for one southern Wisconsin festival - a shortage of cow chips.

The Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival in Prairie du Sac uses hundreds of the flatted and dried cow manure pieces for their annual competition that starts Friday.

Organizers discovered in July the numbers and quality of manure were poor because of the heat and dry weather.

So the organizers had to dip into reserves.

One of the organizers, Marietta Reuter, says she's never experienced such a shortage in her 24 years at the festival.

The grounds chair, Russ Ballweg, says they plan to go out more often next year so they don't have the same problem and can replenish their reserves.