Here's a date you may wanna mark on your calendar for next year; the third week in August is "National Weird Contest Week."  After giving it some thought, I think I've come up with some weird contest ideas you can play with your friends.  My first suggestion is "Predict What I'll Say Next and Win."  Get your friends to try and tell you what the next thing you'll say will be.  Or how about "What Am I Eating."  Read the ingredients from some prepared food and your friends have to figure out what it is.  Here's another fun game idea, "How Much of the Telephone Can You Get In Your Mouth."  Could be fun.  Or "Sit On My Lap, I'll Guess Your Weight."  Okay, that's one you might not want to play with your friends...or your spouse for that matter.  In fact, let's just scratch that from the list.  And, if for some reason you don't have many friends, you can always stage "The One Person Chinese Fire Drill."  I'll guarantee you'll get some strange looks from the other drivers around you.  How do I know?  Trust me, it works!  Whatever you decide to play, either with friends or by yourself, happy"Weird Contest Week."