Wednesday is always "Wanna Know Wednesday" in the Main Street Cafe.

If there's anything you've ever wondered about but have been too afraid to ask, or didn't know who to ask, here you go.  Call Chad anytime after 5 am, ask your question and see if someone listening knows the answer.  Chances are good someone listening will be able to help you out.

Someone once described "Wanna Know Wednesday" as an information exchange, which is a pretty accurate description.

At 6:20, Steve Herman will join Chad to play "Coffee News Trivia."  Steve always brings some real nice prizes to the table.

Scott Juhnke from Sioux Falls Parks and Rec stops by at 6:50 am to talk about this Sunday's "Summer Activities Fair."  If you have young children and you're wondering how to keep them busy this summer, this is an interview you don't want to miss.

At 7:10, Todd Heitkamp of the National Weather Service joins Chad to talk about the weather in detail and what we can expect for the upcoming weekend.

And at 7:20 am Chad invites kids to call in with Kids' Jokes.

And, in between all that, news and weather information with Gene Hetland and ABC Radio News.

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