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In a dramatic turn of events, the world went from the edge of war to the potential for peace.  Dr. Joe Dondelinger Professor at Augustana College helped to make sense of the sense with an immense amount of history and background to why the Middle East is so unstable.  The borders of Israel, Palestine and Lebanon are artificial and those people don’t really want to live together anyway.

Dondelinger Adds Texture to a Fragile Region

One of the upcoming issues for South Dakota voters is choices for patients when insurance companies and doctors are involved.  Dr. Blake Curd is advocating for and assisting with the circulation of petitions to create an initiated measure.  The failed attempt in the past legislative session spurs him to help lead the effort.

Curd Hopes the Initiated Measure Goes to the Voters

Another candidate could surface for the office of mayor in Sioux Falls.  Current Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth has to deal with the issues of crime regularly as he oversees the jail system and criminal courts.  As crime goes up, the county has to pay more to address the issue and he feels the current mayor is not doing his part.

Barth Cites the Numbers of Increased Crime in Sioux Falls

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