Today on Viewpoint University, Rick Knobe will check out with Dan Peters and Todd Epp carrying the mantle.

A big data breach has occurred at Target Stores and 40 million credit and debit card numbers have been compromised.  Jessie Schmidt of the Sioux Falls branch of the Better Business Bureau will provide tips on how to protect your information starting at 4:15pm CT.

Some new programs to help children and families who are struggling with mental illness are coming soon.  Wendy Giebink of NAMI South Dakota will explain what these programs are and do some recruiting as well.  Join us at 4:30pm CT.

U.S. Senate Candidate Larry Rhoden has revealed a 5 point plan to reform Washington, D.C.  Inside the proposal, the most controversial plank involves lobbying restrictions.  The Union Center Republican will talk about it at 5pm CT.