We have to do some catch-up on KSOO’s Viewpoint University – Monday edition.  With no shows on Thursday and Friday, it’s been the biggest span between shows in a long time.  Plus Rick Knobe is absent for a week of vacation, so Dan Peters and Todd Epp will now do the chores.

An event to highlight Drunk, Drugged and Distracted Driving Awareness Month is Tuesday (tomorrow), Darcy Jensen from Prarie View Prevention Services will give a preview.  The Skyforce split a pair with Iowa over the weekend and Todd went to see his Chiefs get beat at home will also come up today.

Did you spend all your money this weekend on the great deals?  Numbers show nationwide a soft Black Friday.  Also people actually went out on Thanksgiving Day.

Plus there is now a Democrat running for Governor in South Dakota and healthcare.gov is all fixed because the government said it was going to be.  All this and more from 4-7pm CT on Viewpoint University.