(Dan Peters/KSOO)

KSOO’s Viewpoint University is a live local talk show from 4 until 7pm.  Co-Hosts Rick Knobe and Dan Peters discuss the topics of the day that are affecting the Sioux Falls community.

On Wednesday, Laura McCarten the Regional Vice President of Xcel Energy took some time to update the community on power needs for Sioux Falls.  A new substation located in the former Sioux Falls Stockyards will be coming on line by 2015.  It will replace the one currently in the east end of Falls Park.  Electric power generation issues will continue be an issue as technology needs increase.  Wind, coal and solar power will be possibilities.  Even nuclear power could be a future source according to McCarten.

McCarten Explains Xcel Energy’s Nuclear Potential

We also had a chat with Ryan Casey who is Catholic and is urging the Bishop of the Sioux Falls Diocese to use his position to encourage the expansion of Medicaid.  Currently the state is studying the issue while Bishop Paul Swain has stated his opposition.  Dean Hopper of the Gospel singing group The Hoppers had a show in Sioux Falls.  He took some time to speak about the music and the mission.  Julie Anderson Friesen of Cinema Falls gave us an inside look at the new fall season of films.  Her passion for independent productions is rubbing off on others.  In fact the only Oscar winner from South Dakota reached out to Julie to offer her support.

Anderson Friesen Was Blown Away by Oscar Winner Offer

A series of events dotted the Friday schedule as Chris Nelson from Berakhah house and John Mollison who helps promote the Sioux Falls Air Show promoted the “Night With Heroes.”  Aviation legend Dick Rutan will share his story of military exploits and his non-stop around the world flight.  Kija Bonde and Jill Johnson who are the particulars in “Always Patsy Cline” hawked their show.  Plus Sara Steever talked about a community fundraiser in Lennox called “A Taste of Charity” to raise money for cancer screenings that would benefit women in Israel.

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