You cannot vote if you do not register.  If you have not registered in South Dakota, do it soon.  It is the job of South Dakota Secretary of State Jason Gant to remind voters that Monday, October 22, marks the voter registration deadline for South Dakotans who intend to vote in the November 6 General Election.

The latest number of those registered in South Dakota show a net gain of 16,300 people to the voter registration list since the beginning of the year. As of October 17, there are a total of 523,174 active voters registered in South Dakota.

Even though South Dakota is considered a Republican stronghold, the gap is not as wide as you would think.  Registered Republicans number 240,927 with Democrats tallying 187,990 and a strong number of Independents at just over 92 thousand.  If there are any questions about your registration status, the Voter Information Portal will assist you.  Plus the Portal can grant you access to a sample ballot for your precinct at the above link.