Political observers tell us more people are voting early this year, and it continues a trend we've seen in recent years.

I'll bet more people would cast an early ballot if they knew it would stop the phone calls and the mailings, but there's no way to keep the barrage of political ads off the radio or television.

I saw a story this week that said close to $21 million has been spent on radio ads for candidates or their supporters, and that means money in the corporate pockets of people folks like me work for. And the political types are spending a billion dollars on  television, even though to my way of thinking, they'd be better off spending their money on radio.

I've never cast an early ballot that I can remember, but I guess if more people are voting early, the lines won't be as long on Election Day.

Even President Obama voted early this week, and probably to show the process is secure, the people at the polls made him show his driver's license.