Kinetico Water Softeners & Reverse-Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

So, you’ve got hard water? Would you like the most hassle-free brand of water softener with the longest 10-year parts warranty? Then you gotta go Kinetico!

Kinetico water softeners use less salt. It all has to do with their intelligent twin-tank engineering. And since Kinetico water softeners only regenerate soft water when needed,

you’ll save on water usage also.

PLUS…Kinetico water softeners use NO ELECTRICITY! No timers and switches to fiddle with…and if your power ever goes out, you don’t have to worry about resetting your softener. Kinetico water softeners run on water pressure. It’s a brilliant design that allows for a hassle-free experience and keeps more money in your pocket because of the savings on salt, electricity, and water.

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Kinetico drinking water systems take the “undesirables” out of the water you put into your body and your family’s bodies.

Call 605-339-3434. Or click KineticoSiouxFalls.com

Before you rent that next water softener that makes you mad, before you step into another hard-water-stained shower and before you drink another glass of water from your tap that you’re not exactly sure is SAFE…call Kinetico in Sioux Falls today.  And financing is available with approved credit.

Kinetico offers many options for clean drinking water systems and water softener systems. It all depends on the number of people you’ve got under one roof.

Call 605-339-3434. Or click www.KineticoSiouxFalls.com

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