The budget shutdown got so much attention this week on Viewpoint University.  This is just in case you are waterlogged with too much talk about our federal government.

Topping off is what they called the placement of the final beam in the upper structure of the Denny Sanford Premier Center.  In less than a year, the construction will be complete and the facility used.

On Wednesday, the public was invited to the topping off and the beam had a couple of decorations as you see in the above picture.  There are certain reasons behind the accoutrements.  Scott Zahn who works at Results Radio and lives in the area gave us the scoop.  Contractors will place the American flag on the final beam to pay homage to the country in which the structure is built.  Student Jerry then chimed in to clarify the symbolism of the tree.  It is a prayer for safety that all of the workers escape injury during the project.  Then somewhere on the grounds the tree will become part of the landscaping.

Hear the audio exchange below: