The opportunity to see movies in a very different place has been created in Sioux

Falls. Cinema Falls, created by Julie Anderson Friesen, is showing award winning independent films, at the Icon Lounge. After a three week experiment on Sunday nights, Julie, the self proclaimed "Mayor" of Cinema Falls, and management at the Icon, have agreed to offer films every other sunday evening at 6:30pm.  Check out the Cinema Falls Facebook page for dates and films offered.

Sunday night the film was "Headhunter", adapted from a best selling book from a Norwegian author. English subtitles were used, but even without them, it was pretty easy to follow the action and plot.

The set up at the Icon is great! Large screen. Good sound. The comfortable leather sofas and chairs make it feel as if you are in your own home theatre. An added bonus, beverages(adult and regular) are available along with not so typical movie munchies.

The price is $11.50 per ticket.  I did gulp when purchasing my first tickets. However, the opportunity to see films not shown in Sioux Falls in a unique setting on a Sunday evening makes it worth the price.  The show starts at 6:30 and you can be back home by 8:15.  I stayed after both nights, enjoyed some conversation, food, and beverage.

Cinema Falls is something different for our community. I hope it catches on.