If you haven't seen the movie "Beasts of the Southern Wild" yet - please, rent it!  Especially before the Academy Awards show, since it's nominated for Best Film of the Year.

My wife and I watched it last week and both came away with the same impression - it's a really different movie, but in a good way.

The true test - for me at least - whether a movie is good or not is if I'm still thinking about it the next day.  And this movie definitely met that criteria.

It's an independent film about a group of people who live in, what's called, "The Toilet Bowl" off the coast of Louisiana.  It's basically a small island that floods whenever the tide rises.  Throughout the movie you see how the people who live there have to adopt - while at the same being dirt poor.

The star of the show is a little girl by the name of Quvenzhane Wallis.  At the time the movie was filmed, she was only six years old.  She's now nine and this week became the youngest person ever nominated for an Academy Award.

I'll tell you right now - you're gonna fall in love with this girl.

The story revolves around the girl and her alcoholic dad.  Her mom recently passed away, and we find out about halfway through the film that her dad is also dieing.  Because of this, the little girl has to grow up a lot faster than any six year should ever have to.

You also witness how this cute little six year old girl becomes the glue that holds this community of forgotten people together.

Do yourself a favor and watch "Beasts of the Southern Wild."  It runs just over two hours, and is well worth the time.  I'll warn you, early on, the thought will probably cross your mind to turn the movie off - don't.  Stick with it; it pays off at the end.

Definitely two thumbs up!