Representatives of the Compass Center, a state legislator running for the US Senate, and a legislator running for Sioux Falls City Council will be part of Viewpoint University today(Monday).

Jennifer Sherman from the Compass Center will discuss the status of the bills introduced in the SD Legislature dealing with domestic abuse. She will also give us details of an upcoming Compass Center fundraiser.

Christine Erickson serves on the Judiciary and Taxation Committees in Pierre. We aren't hearing anything about new taxes but the committee also deals with existing taxes and the loop holes in place. She will be leaving the legislature this spring if she wins the Sioux Falls City Council seat she is seeking.

Stace Nelson serves on the Commerce& Energy and Local Government Committees in the SD House of Representatives. Oil and wind production are important to our state so making sure our laws are up to date and relevant is important. From my perspective local government, city, county, school, and township affect our lives in a big way. Giving those units the tools to be successful in a quickly changing world is important.

Viewpoint University 4-7 pm. today(Monday) on 1140 KSOO.