Two big thoughts for September.  It's National Recovery and Suicide Prevention month.

Recovery Month promotes the power of recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.  Being addicted is not an easy life. Recovery isn't easy either, but the benefits are significant to individuals, families, and communities. Alcohol has probably affected more lives in a negative way than other forms of addiction. Millions of dollars of lost work productivity, divorce, broken families, tragic accidents.

Chances are, you have a family member, friend, co-worker, or maybe yourself who deal with the ravages of addiction. Not every alcoholic or drug addict staggers around the streets of town. Most of them are "invisible" until they get into serious trouble, yet the disease is causing huge damage.  On September 22, 2012, at 6:30 in the morning, you can join people in recovery and those who love and support them, at the March Into the Light event. It is being held at the newly completed downtown river greenway section next to Cherapa Place.  For more info go to:

If you can't make it, please spend a little time this month reflecting on our society and how we "enable" the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

The second big thing, according to some, should not be talked about in polite society, Suicide Prevention.  All of us experience stress in our life. Continual stress can lead to depression, Depression can manifest itself in many ways and is a form of mental illness. Mental illness is serious, just like a heart attack and cancer. Undetected and untreated, mental illness can cause a total loss of  hope, or deep anger at just about anything and/or everybody.  Loss of hope or deep anger can lead to seeing suicide as a "way out,"  or revenge.

On Tuesday Sept 11th, 11:45 am, at Active Generation, 2300 W. 46th, a public discussion of this very private issue will be held. It will last about 90 minutes. You are invited. Contact Active Generations, 336-6722 for more information.

There are many ways to learn about depression and mental illness: NAMI South Dakota(National Alliance on Mental Illness) has an excellent website: then click on South Dakota. Both hospital systems, the 211 helpline, and most churches have information to help you learn more to help yourself and others.