I grew up on a farm in west river South Dakota. I was a card carrying member of the White River Hustlers 4-H club. I started out with range calves and graduated to market steers. That being said, things....have....changed!  If you are anything like me but haven't been around the farm for a while it might be time to 'look again.'

I recently spoke with Troy Hadrick who along with his wife Stacy speak around the world. In fact, right at the top of their website it says,

Troy and Stacy Hadrick are pioneers in the agricultural advocacy movement. They have traveled the world helping people involved in agriculture find their voice and confidence to share their story.

Troy and his wife run a Cow/Calf operation near Faulkton, South Dakota and also grow corn, soybeans and wheat on the farm near Falkton, SD. I gave him a call after I saw an article on him in The Progressive Farmer.

In our conversation, Troy mentioned a number. 9 Billion. Hadrick and other producers around the world are keeping a close eye on that number. By the middle of the century, which isn't THAT far off, the planet will have 9 billion people living on earth. Hear what Hadrick thought of that number.

Hadrick says, he would like to see consumers like you and I connect with the producers. Maybe you have a friend who farms or ranches. If you have a question about 'where does that come from, or how do you do that, Hadrick says ASK!

Troy has agreed to be one of my 'go to guys,' when it comes to agriculture and in particular raising cattle and one of my favorite things in the world. Beef.

Hey, questions come up.  I have plenty more in the future to ask Troy and his wife. Some of the questions I'll be asking Troy about 'scare tactics' that a lot of companies are using to get consumers like you and I to buy particular brands. Another thing I'm intrigued with is the actual size of the nations cattle herd.

Want to get started on 'knowing more' about Beef?  Here are some sources for you. After all, it is 'What's for Supper' most nights around here.

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