Openly Gay NFL Prospect
One college football player is attempting to go where no openly gay man has gone before -- an N-F-L locker room.  Michael Sam is an All-American defensive lineman at the University of Missouri and Southeast Conference co-defensive player of the year.

Most Innovative Companies
What are some of today's most creative companies ... organizations that are changing the way we live.

Merck CEO Ken Frazier
One company that has proven to be innovative in the pharmaceutical industry is Merck ... it's among the largest drug companies in the world.

Faith-Fueled Showdown
A faith-fueled showdown -- two controversial figures and their respective fans face off over the issue of creationism versus evolution.

Separated at Birth
One day Samantha Futerman received a Facebook message from a stranger that changed her life.  The young woman sending her the message pointed out that both she and Samantha looked very much alike ... and posed the question, could they be long lost sisters?