What is it about short work weeks that seem to increase the stress?  Oh yeah, trying to cram five days of work into three that's right!  Well you can't do much about that at the office, but at home there are ways you can work smarter, not harder.

The folks at Timex know a thing or two about time, they've been in the watch business for decades.  They have identified ten different ways you can be more efficient at home and save yourself some of that valuable time:

1.      Divide & Conquer – Time is precious for all of us, so make the most of your time by developing a list for you, your significant or roommate of weekly things that need to get done around the home.  By using tech gadgets such as smartphones and tablet calendars, you can have reminders sent to you on daily basis to keep your organized so you won’t have household chores and responsibilities back-up.

This one my wife and I do very well, not duplicating efforts and saving each one of us time.

2.      Smart Eats – Shop smart and save time by making a weekly meal planning chart of meals and prep as much food in advance as possible so they are ready to eat or cook.  This will not only save time on meals each week, but can also help the entire household eat healthier meals by reducing those last minute runs to the take-out restaurant.


Isn't it amazing what having a plan will do to make dinners easier. How much time do you waste trying to figure out what you're going to eat every night?

3.      Savvy Shopping – Consolidate grocery and club store shopping to one day per week and stick to it!  To save time, order and pay for your groceries online with your local supermarket – if this service is available to you – so all you need to do is drive by and pick them up.   This will also cut down on impulse buying.


This is another area where advance planning and knowing the layout of the store saves you a ton of time!

4.      Spick & Span – Streamline cleaning and household chores by cleaning and organizing one room at a time.  If you have children, make them accountable for cleaning specific things in their bedrooms and bathrooms.  This will not only teach them responsibility, but help get the household chores done faster.


I've also found it's a lot easier if you don't to tackle all of the cleaning at once.

5.      Laundry Loads – Wash a load daily so that dirty clothes don’t pile up and eat up time during your weekends.


Nothing wastes time like six loads of laundry in an afternoon.

6.      Expedite Bills – Pay bills either weekly or monthly via online bill payment options.  This will not only save money on stamps, but cut down on the time it takes to pay bills and will reduce late payment charges.


Auto pay on your bills is a big help too.

7.      Errand Running – Save one day a week to run errands.  If you are running out of the house every day to do errands, you won’t have time to get other activities done. By making a list and doing all of the errands on one designated day, you will open up your schedule for the rest of the week.


Taking five minutes to game plan could save you an hour.

8.      Tech Time – Allow for a specific amount of time at home to surf your favorite websites, play your favorite games, etc.  It is easy to get lost while using our tablets, smartphones and gaming devices.  By setting a time limit, you can still have fun, but ensure that you are not spending too much time with your technology.


Too much of a good thing is too much.

9.      Chatter – Allocate a specific time each day to make those important calls for you and your family.  It’s easy to spend hours per day on the phone, so try to reduce that time so that you open your schedule.


Or try to do things while you're talking so you can kill two birds with one stone.

10.  Play Time – Always make time to have some fun!  Schedule a date night with your spouse or significant other and make plans with your children to do a fun event/excursion.  Remember we work to live… not live to work!


You know what they say about all work and no play? Anything you want to add to this list?