It happens every year.  It's tradition.  And once again some 40,000 Spaniards gathered in the eastern town of Bunol for the world's largest tomato fight.  Participants hurled some 220,000 pounds of tomatoes at each other to celebrate La Tomatina, one of the world's messiest festivals.  Crazed fans of the event come from all over the world, many clad in waterproof capes to stave off the onslaught of juice and pulp in a manic free-for-all believed to have begun as an argument between two locals back in 1945.  The rules state the tomatoes have to be squashed up a little before being thrown to make them all the squishier.  After pelting each other for an hour, revelers jump into a nearby river to clean themselves while firemen hose down the streets.  If you want to be there next year, it's always the last Wednesday in August, in Bunol.