I am concerned. The angst, anger, and frustration we are feeling about the federal government is "trickling down" to Sioux Falls city hall. Actually it is more than a trickle, it is a form of the falls of the river.

The concern is petitions drives. There are two of them circulating. One is mandating the city to purchase snow gates to be used city wide. The second, to mandate the city build a "replacement only" pool at Spellerburg park. The pool petition is very specific. "must be completed by Dec. 31, 2015." and "The size of the new swimming pool complex, including parking, shall not exceed the size of the current swimming pool complex, including parking, by more than 20%."

Let's take a time out. Do we really want a costly public vote ordering the city to buy snowgates for every blade? Is it necessary to force the city to build something for a certain price and certain size, before the officials in charge have had a chance to go through the investigative steps such a large decision should take?

I know we are mad at the federal government because they keep spending more of our money than they are taking in. It is frustrating not to be able to get them to stop.

However, why should we take that anger and place it on local officials who are trying to study the best options for the best service at the least cost?  The actions the petition folks want us to take would cost us MORE MONEY.

Both of these petition drives, if sucessful at the polls, will drive up the cost of city services(i.e. raise taxes) with no cares about how much.  What are we thinking? Or are we not thinking, but feeling powerless, and we want to have some control so let's take it out on our own city government?

I like the initiative and referendum process. South Dakota is one of the few states which allow it. However, in my opinion both of these initiative efforts are at least premature and at worst, selfish and self serving.

City administration is studying the efficiency of snowgates. No final decision has been made about whether  they are a good investment. The park board is studying options for swimming at Spellerburg park. No final recommendation has been made about what should be placed there, if anything.

It is my hope the wise citizens of Sioux Falls, will allow the planning/evaluating process to be completed, before we order our government leaders to do something which may not be in our best interests.