Every Wednesday we like to put on our 'Investigative Reporter Hats' and go deep undercover to find you the answers to the questions that plague you each and every day.

This week's topics are where's the best place to sit on a plane so you don't get sick, and should the toilet paper roll be placed so the paper goes over the top or underneath on the bottom?

Believe it or not, there's actually a correct answer to that last question. A guy named Owen Wilson actually went to the United States Patent Office to find the definitive answer. And the correct answer is - OVER!

That question has been asked by people since perforated toilet paper was first introduced back in 1891. In fact, it's such a hotly debated topic it even has its own section on Wikipedia.

According to the official patent that Wilson uncovered, a picture was included that showed the paper coming over the top of the roll - not underneath. There's a picture of it on Wilson's Twitter feed.

So, no more questions about whether the toilet paper goes over the top or underneath. We now know the answer - over the top.

The other question a listener wanted to know was is it best to sit in a window seat or aisle seat when traveling by plane? And, the answer is BY THE WINDOW.

According to an study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people sitting on the aisles get up the most and tend to be most likely to be near a person "spewing infectious droplets of flu or cold virus."

So, should you have any travel plans coming up that involve air travel, try to get a window seat and don't leave your chair until the flight is over.

See you next week for another edition of 'Wanna Know Wednesday.'

Source: Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, PNAS

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