There are numerous variations of the joke, "How many politicians does it take to replace a light bulb?"  So in that spirit, the serious question is, "How much time does it take to build nearly a mile of five-lane concrete street with curb, gutter and ties to storm sewer?"

The answer is from Mother's Day to Halloween, hopefully.  The project on Marion Road stretching from 39th street to Berkshire Boulevard started in the middle of May and projected finish date is November 2.  The previous thoroughfare was three lanes and was in need of repair.  The traffic study deemed it worthy of an upgrade to five lanes with two going north and two going south with a lane for turning in the middle.

For a person who travels this route frequently,  the end of construction will be of great celebration.  It will also be a time for adjustment as more lanes mean additional traffic and being able to acclimate to the new patterns.  Curiosity with the design will also be of interest, because some improvements were necessary.  For example, some streets in that area of town are prone to leaving big puddles during even moderate rains.  The hope is that the engineers were able to make note of drainage problems prior to construction and fix them.  Also, there is a healthy amount of children who need a passageway across Marion Road to get to the elementary school and now they have to traverse five lanes of traffic.

Strains of construction hindrances still resonate from other parts of Sioux Falls, but thanks are in order for the crew on Marion Road who are nearly complete with their task.  That crew is also saying a prayer that the weather holds for another week or two so that they can finish without interruption.  Then once the snow flies, the city can put down their chemicals which will hasten the breakdown of the road and we do this again.