It's been said that I should have been an english teacher, but it's probably best that I'm not.

Certain grammatical errors drive me to distraction, spelling isn't far behind and don't get me started on the misuse of apostrophes (or, as some would incorrectly spell it, "apostrophe's").

If I had been an English teacher, my ranting would know no end.

So a story I saw on the Associated Press got my attention. Now, the word being misspelled here is a horrible word, and I'm not taking it lightly.

But some vandal with spray paint decided to just put his/her ignorance out there for everyone to see (By the way, the picture isn't what I was looking for, but it came the closest):

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YORK, Pa. (AP) - Police are searching for a spelling-challenged vandal who hit a central Pennsylvania woman's car with paint over the weekend.

York police say a woman reported Saturday morning that her sport-utility vehicle had been sprayed with white paint. On the driver's side doors an unknown perpetrator had scrawled "bicth."

Investigators say the woman also reported a motorcycle was stolen from her property. It was later recovered in Spring Garden Township.

The York Dispatch ( ) reports police are seeking information on the motorcycle and the poorly spelled graffiti.