Your child's future is on the line the minute they walk into school and you know it. That is why it is so important to parents that they believe their child is getting the best out of their education. That need extends to the teachers in whom you place your faith and trust.

Occasionally your faith and trust may waiver because of a particular issue and it is then that you may want to consider this list suggested by hardworking teachers across the country.

  • It is okay for children to fail (especially in middle school)- -Of course you don't want your child to fail, but teachers say if they're going to have difficulties, middle school is the place, where there is a stronger support base than there may be in high school or college. In the middle school environment kids should also learn to speak up for themselves and parents should encourage this instead intervening because you've already been in 7th grade, your child hasn't.
  • Testing is not the end-all, be-all--despite the fact that sometimes it seems as if kids are being taught simply to pass tests. The ultimate goal for most teachers is for your child to enjoy learning and be successful at it and in their life. Yes it is good if they pass tests, but there is much more involved.
  • Your child's homework is their responsibility, not yours- -Enough said.
  • Be a good listener- -Know that your child's education is a collaboration between you and their teachers and not a battle. You all want the same thing.

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