At last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you probably heard the big thing was, once again, televisions.  Apparently, the new thing now is 4-D...?

One item that was introduced that you may not have heard of is a new blue tooth enabled smart fork.  It's suppose to be in stores by this Spring.

The folks behind the Hapi Fork claim its purpose is to help you lose weight by tracking how many bites you take and how quickly you eat.  If you overdo it, the fork gets "unhappy" and starts to vibrate and lights up on one end letting you know it's time to slow down.

The fork also comes with an app to help you track your progress - and, yes, will soon have a companion - a Hapi spoon.  All for a mere $99.

Whatever happened to parents telling kids to, "Slow down, you weren't born in a barn."