I heard it again last night:

"South Dakota's lone US House seat."

Right. South Dakota has one seat in the US House.

But why is it always our "lone" seat?

Can't it just be South Dakota's US House seat?

The offender of my sensibilities this time was a TV station, although usually it's a news service. Are you listening, Associated Press?

Now, South Dakota has had just the one seat for thirty years, since the 1980 Census kicked in and we went from two to one in the 1982 General Election..

That time, it was Second District Congressman Clint Roberts against First District Congressman Tom Daschle, winner take all, so to speak.

If the names mean very little to you, that's an illustration of how long it's been, and having one seat in the House should not be a big deal. But "lone" House seat makes it sound like "We're really onto something here, folks. It's the Lone House Seat."

It's redundant and a little demeaning. And it sounds like our House seat should be wearing a mask and riding a horse.

So you will never hear me refer to our lone House seat. It's just our House seat.

Thanks. I feel better now.