Police are investigating some odd burglaries in Sioux Falls.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says plumbing fixtures were stolen from three west-side restaurants on Thursday--a Hardee's at 4801 West 12th Street, a Taco Bell at 4100 West 12th Street and a McDonald's at 4000 West 12th Street.

Clemens says plumbing fixtures were stolen from the men's restrooms in all three around mid-day Thursday.

He says the Hardee's reported an auto-flusher was taken from a men's urinal; the Taco Bell reported the theft of the fixtures that connect from the wall to a toilet; and at McDonald's, the thief or thieves took pipes that run from the wall to the toilet and urinal, as well as the auto-flushers.

Clemens says the thefts at the West 12th Street locations are believed to have occurred between 11:30am and 1:30pm on Thursday, while the West 41st Street theft between 12:30 and 3pm Thursday--all from the men's restrooms.