Do doctors make it to their Tee time on time?

I'm just wondering because a tee time is an appointment.

Today I showed up 20 minutes early to meet with a specialist. They requested the early arrival to do paperwork. I was on time and completed the paper shuffle long before the appointment was to start.

The waiting room chairs were comfortable. Twenty-five minutes after the appointment was to start a nurse took me to the doctor's office. Progress!!! She did the usual q and a, did the blood pressure and pulse tests and then said the biggest lie in all of medicine, "The doctor will be right in."

I sat. Twenty minutes. The nurse came in and said, "He hasn't forgotten you." Smiled and left. 

Fifteen minutes of fidgeting, and he arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No apology. We talked two minutes. He examined me for three minutes. A quick decision on treatment was made.

Elapsed time with Doctor, six minutes.....time spent waiting for him 60 minutes.

If he was that late for the tee time, would the other players have waited???