Recently Ted Kennedy, Jr. made an appearance in Sioux Falls to talk about his work on behalf of cancer patients.  The gathering in which he spoke to local fighters and survivors was intimate and revealing.

He spoke of major advances in the treatments available to cancer patients.  Importantly, he explained that the perception of the word CANCER has really shifted in the almost 40 years since he lost a leg to the disease.

In 1973, cancer was a word spoken in hushed terms with an incredible stigma tagging along.  Imagine the times in years past when being a leper meant you were an outcast.  The same used to apply with cancer even though there is virtually no chance of passing it from person to person.

Kennedy says that in today's world people wear it as a badge of honor.  Much like a soldier who fights under the flag of this country, each cancer patient becomes a stepping stone towards the full eradication of cancer.  Research continues to improve treatments and techniques.  Plus many in the health care field are galvanized to the mission to beat cancer.

Next time you see that ribbon, bracelet, or purple survivor shirt remember that someone still battles and that team is all in to win.