Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fears May Surprise You
It probably won't surprise you to know that at this very moment, Taylor Swift may have red lipstick on her vanity and Keds on her feet. But chances are good you don't know that one of her greatest fears is ... sea urchins.
Fake Taylor Swift Song Hits the Internet
A singer/songwriter named Jersey Green wrote a song called "I'm alright-Taylor Swift Break up song foretell" She made it sound like a Taylor Swift song and she even sounds like Taylor Swift. The song is supposed to be the one that Taylor will eventually write about her break u…
Harry Styles Might Have Dumped Taylor Swift for Being Too Prude
Harry Styles was rumored to be heartbroken over his split with Taylor Swift, but it turns out he may have just had a whole lot of sexual frustration.
After dating Swift for roughly three months -- her average relationship shelf-life -- Styles reportedly got pretty upset that she still wouldn't p…

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