Sandy the Superstorm Does Her Damage
Areas of the northeastern United States are feeling the effects of Sandy, and for some, those effects are going to stick around.
Consolidated Edison said Tuesday the power would be back on in Brooklyn and Manhattan within four days, but for other boroughs it could take a week...
Water, Fire, Destruction: After the Superstorm
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the death toll in the city from the huge storm is up to 10. In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie says the sudden middle-of-the-night flooding of two towns was the result of a tidal surge that sent water overflowing a natural berm.
Sandy Bears Down on the East Coast
As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the northeastern United States, we here in the Northern Plains can sympathize, at least to a point.
No, we don't get hurricanes here, and we wouldn't know what to do if we did.
But we can get tornadoes in the summer and blizzards in the winter, both of which …