snow gates

Sioux Falls Snow Gates Vote [AUDIO]
Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether says the vote on snow gates is set for April 8th, 2014.
"If the vote is not favorable, we will not implement snow gates and we will end further testing.  However, I still think we will provide what many consider the best snow removal in the country right h…
Educate Yourself About Snow Gates
Sioux Falls residents will vote on snow gates, but not right away.
That gives you, me and everyone else time to get educated.
The city has been studying the gates, testing them in a few neighborhoods, although some residents want them in use RIGHT NOW...
Teresa Stehly Community Advocate
You may love her or you may hate her, but she is passionate about she believes.  An admirable trait for someone who thinks she is on the right path.  The person of whom we speak is snow gate advocate and Sioux Falls resident Teresa Stehly and she is on a mission to get the gates...