Sanford Children's Hospital

Sara Skyberg
Sara is an amazing little girl. From being abandoned in a field in her native Nepal, to being adopted by great people from Valley Springs, SD, to her diagnosis of cancer. Sara will charm even the hardest person with her smile.
Ian Rinken
“The boy who lived.” That is how Hagrid described Harry Potter, and that’s how little Ian Rinken of Sioux Falls described himself at the age of 4 when he went into remission.
Sophia Riis Christensen
The birth of a child is a joyous occasion. But for the parents and grandparents of little Sophia Riis-Christensen of Sioux Falls, a shadow appeared over their joy very quickly with the realization that their sweet baby had been born with a very rare cancer.
Wesson Littau
Baby Wesson earned his angel wings last fall, and his parents now fight for a cure in Wesson’s memory and in the hope that no other parent feels the pain of losing their child to such a horrible disease.