Another City Considers a Texting Ban
The possibility of a ban on texting while driving is being discussed again in Mitchell, after Sioux Falls led the way last year and put at least an official ban on the practice..
The Mitchell City Council discussed such a ban last fall, but then put it aside to see what happened with a proposed state…
Car Seats Save Lives
SIOUX FALLS - A fatal accident on Thursday at 41st & Minnesota could have been much worse. One vehicle involved in the accident, a Dodge Durango had five occupants, two adults and three children.
Sioux Falls Safety Improvements [VIDEO]
Sioux Falls Urban Planner Russ Sorenson says the city is working with the Pettigrew Heights Neighborhood Association to improve safety.
"This announcement is great news for Sioux Falls," Russ told me.  "This safety and lighting program will be conducted throughout the …
EPA Warns About Carbon Monoxide
We're well into the winter heating season, and the US Environmental Protection agency is warning about the dangers of CO, carbon monoxide.
You can't see it or smell it, but it's a killer, and I've covered stories in Sioux Falls where CO has killed people...
Another City Considers Texting Ban
The mayor of Mitchell reportedly would like for his city to follow Sioux Falls' lead and outlaw texting while driving. The possibility has also been raised by city officials in Huron.