Remember When

Baby Boomer Memory: Driving Your Hot Plymouth Duster!
OK Baby Boomer's (and you know who you are). It's the early to mid 1970's and you're in high school...and maybe, just maybe, your parents said 'OK, you can get a car, let's go take a look'.
Now, if you were like me (a scary thought, I know, I know) you got a Chevy that was about 10 years old, about a…
When Telephone’s Had Tails
Unrecognizable. That's what that photo is, at least to a generation (or two). The following is a conversation (Is it real? Well, it could be) between an old Grandpa and a young Grand Daughter:
Whatever that is, it's old Grandpa.
Well young one, that is what we used to call a phone...

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