Keeping Sioux Falls Kids Healthy [AUDIO]
The Sanford WebMD fit program is the topic on A Better You this week.  Neal Nachtigall leads the effort.  The purpose is to keep kids healthy through various educational activities.  Since obesity and diabetes are increasing at a rapid rate in children, it is a timely topic...
Getting Profiled[Podcast]
Rich Adcock President of "Profile" and Clinic Program Nurse, Kim McCoy are Rick Knobe's guests to discus BMI, Body Mass Index as just one of the topics.  Today, we get Profiled.
Broadcast Saturday, March 23, 2013
It’s Their Fault
Recent information from the Center for Disease Control tells us, South Dakotans don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. We are the worst in the nation for consumption of those healthy foods.
Too Fat To Fight
No, I Don't Have a Big Butt - I Suffer From 'Desk Derriere'. When I first heard that I laughed, now I'm kind of worried.