Larry Pressler

PRESSLER: No More Middle in American Politics?
Former South Dakota U.S. Senator Larry Pressler said he is disappointed that so much money swayed voters and negative campaigning in the just conducted election that is sending former Republican governor Mike Rounds to Washington, D.C.
Abscam FBI Agent Says Follow The Money in EB-5 Scandal
SIOUX FALLS — An old hand at investigating government corruption had one piece of advice for the FBI, which admitted yesterday (Wednesday) that it had an “active” investigation ongoing into South Dakota EB-5 scandal — follow the money...
Rounds Still Leads in U.S. Senate Race But Pressler Gaining
New polling conducted this week shows increasing support for independent U.S. Senate candidate Larry Presser at the expense of Republican Mike Rounds and Democrat Rick Weiland.
The poll was conducted by Nielson Brothers Polling and sponsored in part by Northern Plains News...

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