Ice Storm

Beware of Storm Scams [AUDIO]
Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether says residents should beware of storm related scams.
In an exclusive interview with KSOO Radio Friday morning, Huether says "there are a group of folks going out there soliciting money for our fire and police teams...
Sioux Falls Plowing Continues [AUDIO]
Gaylynn Huber of Sioux Falls Streets says his work crews are making progress.
Huber tells KSOO Radio: "It's been going pretty decent with all the tree branches down.  We changed the way we plow the streets because of all the tree branches...
We’ll Miss That Tree
Everyone has an ice storm story, and this is one of mine.
We had a tree in the boulevard in front of our house. It was just your run-of-the-mill, garden-variety ash tree, but it was our tree.
It was pretty thin in the trunk when we moved in 27 years ago, but but it grew thicker and taller...
Sioux Falls Storm Related Fires [AUDIO]
Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Chief Jim Sederis says this week's winter storm has been demanding.
Sederis tells KSOO Radio:  "we have had in our call lines about 10 times the normal calls we respond to.  Our folks are working literally around the clock...

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