Great News For Sioux Falls [AUDIO]
Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether talked about the city's solid revenue growth during his State of the City address on Thursday at Carnegie Town Hall.
"This town is fiscally sound.  For now, we are experiencing solid revenue growth.  We manage our financials very prudently...
Official: Obama Proposes Cuts to Social Security
President Barack Obama's proposed budget will call for reductions in the growth of Social Security and other benefit programs while still insisting on more taxes from the wealthy in a renewed attempt to strike a broad deficit-cutting deal with Republicans, a senior administration official says.
Column: Desperate but Not Serious
PIERRE - South Dakota ranks 12th in per capita income and lottery tickets are selling fast. These things are not unrelated, but you have to look beyond the surface to see why.
Column: Prioritizing the Human Economy
PIERRE - It is admirable to see the Governor and legislators from both parties setting up sound policy that will prioritize human beings in the lean times and hopefully prevent more damaging cuts like those from two years ago.

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