Christmas 2012

Still Time To Do Something For Others
Once again, tragedy has struck at Christmastime.
Three children die in a house fire in Sioux Falls' North End, when their home of just a few weeks catches fire.
As fire investigators try to determine the cause, parents grieve the loss of their children in an almost-unspeakable tragedy...
Are You a Regifter?
Some studies claim most Americans have regifted, at one time or another.
'Fess up now. Have you ever regifted anything?
I saw a story that says many Americans have--in fact, there are those who would tell you most of us have, at one time or another...
The Banquet is Collecting Donated Underwear
They're mentioning the unmentionables at The Banquet in Sioux Falls.
They're collecting brand-new undergarments to give to Banquet guests later this month.
Project Director Madeline Shields tells me many Banquet guests go without socks and underwear because they can't buy them at the th…